Neighborhood Update: April 2019

VVPE Neighborhood Garage Sale

The Spring Garage Sale will be Saturday, April 27th. Everyone is welcome to
participate. Signs will be placed at the neighborhood entrance for the day, and
an ad will be placed in the Dallas Morning News.

Welcome Neighbors!!!

Mike and Polly Weaver, our new neighbors at 13218 Glad Acres, moved to VVPE
from Rosser Road just south of Forest Lane. They came to the realization that it
was time to either remodel their current home or move when Polly ran across the
Glad Acres online listing. Once they saw it, they knew they had their answer. As
avid tennis players, they are happy to be closer to Brookhaven, where they have
been members for years. Mike and Polly’s son, David, lives with them. Their
other son, Jonathan, lives a mile away with their two grandchildren who are 7
years and 18 months old. Mike is a Senior Partner/Financial Advisor for ARMOR
Wealth Management, and Polly has a residential organizing company called,
Calm Yourshelves. Mike and Polly are very happy to have moved into VVPE and
said they have met very friendly people in our neighborhood.

Felipe and Maria Martinez, who moved to the US from Mexico 30 years ago,
have been residents of Farmers Branch for many years. They, and their two
sons, Erik and Felipe Jr, moved into their new home at 13228 Glad Acres in
October. All four of the Martinez family members work together in a meat
processing and manufacturing business, Guanamex, which they own. In their
spare time, Felipe plays soccer, while Maria enjoys Zumba.


  • We have recently had an event where a neighborhood dog was injured by a
    loose neighborhood dog. The Farmers Branch Code Ordinances (Article III,
    Division 2, Section 18-130) stipulates that allowing loose dogs is unlawful
    behavior and is a misdemeanor offense. Please remember that dogs, however
    well behaved at home, can exhibit unpredictable behavior, especially when
    encountering another animal. Please always follow the ordinance and keep your
    dog under lead control or secured behind a fence or on a leash adequate to keep
    them from leaving your yard.
  • Some folks are not cleaning up after their dogs. Carrying a baggie for such
    occasions is so easy and the courteous thing to do. Going out to walk your dog?
    Take a baggie!

Coyote Sightings

There have been multiple sightings of coyotes in Valley View Park Estates. The
most recent was on Sunday morning, around 8:00 a.m. near the front
entrance. Please take necessary precautions to protect your animals and report
sightings to the Farmers Branch Animal Control.


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